HRC vs. FDA, Part V

On Wednesday President Bush nominated acting FDA commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach to the permanent position, but Hillary and Sen. Patty Murray immediately placed a hold on his nomination.

The duo had long fought against the previous FDA Commissioner, Lester Crawford, because of the administration’s refusal to support the over-the-counter sale of emergency contraceptive pills. In a statement, Sen. Clinton vowed to block the nomination until the agency makes a final decision.

"For more than two years, the FDA has dragged its feet on making a decision, putting ideology over science. It is past time for the FDA to stop dragging its heels and make a decision on Plan B," she said.

Although Hillary seems to be implying that the hold will be dropped so long as the FDA makes a final decision either way, it is hard to believe that her opposition will cease if the administration refuses to bend to her pro-choice agenda and decides "no."