It's the Economy, Stupid

Hillary’s opponents are starting to criticize her on economic issues.

First leftist candidate Steve Greenfield says that Hillary has failed the state economically by not being able to bring any pork back to New York. Now K.T. McFarland says that the thousands of jobs candidate Clinton promised in 1999-2000 that would be created by her upstate economic plan "do not appear to have materialized."

Then-First Lady Clinton had pledged to bring 200,000 new jobs to upstate New York while on the campaign trail, but she has thus far failed to magically create them. To be fair to Hillary, much of New York’s economic woes have to do with laws and regulations enacted at the state and city (esp. NYC) level, but at the same time, the state’s oppressive tax rates, burdensome regulations and tremendous welfare spending mirror the type of economic and social policies that liberals such as Hillary would love to enact at the federal level.

And the one federal policy that many economists agree has spurred the economic growth of the last few years are President Bush’s tax cuts, which Hillary voted against.