Democrats' New Strategy Helps GOP

Dubai Ports World announced it has dropped the ports deal, so the one thing Democrats were banking on for an election strategy has gone out the window. Never mind the suspicious look that their jumping on the national security bandwagon in the seventh inning had; it is now back to the drawing board.

Democrats have come up with a new plan for its fantasy midterm coup d’état, which is three-fold. The plan includes patronizing practicing Catholics, censuring the President for preventing terrorist attacks, and attacking 2008 presidential hopeful John McCain.

Recently, a team of 55 Democratic "Catholics" in the U.S. House, led by Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro issued a "Catholic Statement of Principles." This "statement" was an attempt to affirm their "Catholic" faith, while preserving "the right to obey (their) conscience rather than church teachings."

Isn’t it cute that liberals think that they can believe abortion-on-demand is fine regardless of the reason and be "Catholic" at the same time? While as a Catholic I appreciate their efforts to patronize me and my Church, I am not the least bit amused. Of course, National Public Radio hailed the effort as a bucking of the party by Catholic Democrats, failing to mention that DeLauro was formerly the executive director of Emily’s List, a pro-abortion group whose self-proclaimed purpose is to elect pro-choice Democrats to congress. I’m sure NPR had no political motive whatsoever behind their biased report. Regardless of their efforts, Catholicism and the Democratic parties are about as synonymous as a banana and prime rib. You’d have better luck trying to run MacOs on a PC. The purpose behind this grotesque attempt to pull the wool over our eyes is to try to win back the Catholic vote, which the Democrats have lost to the party that welcomes Catholics, in time for the midterm elections.

The second part of their grand election strategy is to censure President Bush for preventing terrorist attacks by conducting wiretaps on suspected terrorist without notifying Muhammad ahead of time. A bill introduced by Sen. Russ Feingold (D.-Wis.) would censure the president for keeping us safe and "breaking the law," which has been done by every president since Carter, who enacted FISA. One must question whether Feingold is really standing on principle or trying to stick it to Bush. The Democrats myopic obsession with bringing down the President is indicative of the latter. Democrats are simply angry that they don’t have the national security record Bush does. I keep trying to find my violin, but I’m afraid it’s in storage.

Thus far, their attempts to bring down the Bush Administration have failed. Therefore, the Democrats have ordered their puppet, Paul Krugman to start trying to bring McCain down before he gets elected. In his March 13 New York Times column, Krugman blasts McCain for his fiscal conservatism and his unwavering support for the war in Iraq, painting him as another right-wing nut. Of course, liberals like Krugman have their heads buried so deep in the sand that they fail to comprehend that in their efforts to smear Republicans, they actually help them. Like Howard Dean, Krugman has become a gift that keeps on giving.

The essence of the Democratic election strategy vindicates perceptions that the party is out of touch with America. Democrats know that they can no longer win in the arena of ideas; abortion ceased to be an election-winner in the 1980s. In light of this, they have resorted to the only mantra they have left, "George Bush and Republicans stink!" The sad (maybe ironic, or interesting?) part is that every time Rosa DeLauro, Paul Krugman, and Russ Feingold open their mouths, I thank God for George W. Bush.