Congressman Blogs in Defense of Online Free Speech

Congressman Mike Conaway (R.-Texas) has something to say about Thursday’s big vote on his blog:

Tomorrow, the House will vote on H.R. 1606, the Online Freedom of Information Act. If it is one thing the internet has proven, it is that the government does not need to be involved for something to be successful. In the past few years millions of freely thinking people have engaged in a level of conversation on political and social issues that has never been seen before. The internet has facilitated the motivation of individuals and groups of people to be more involved in political discussions. Blogs offers a wealth of opinions that have enhanced political participation and information. The recent court ruling that demands the FEC regulate online political speech threatens to squash this new form of free speech and gives another opportunity to the trial lawyers to make a buck. Proponents of regulating the internet including the New York Times Editorial Board argue that the internet will become "a cornucopia of political corruption."

I couldn’t disagree more.

A better argument for the The New York Times would be to tell America that they really want to end political conversation on the internet to resurrect their power over political commentary. As a blogger myself I proudly defend this open forum and believe that the government has no place regulating political debate on the internet. Tomorrow, you can expect me to cast my vote to protect free speech for everyone in America, not just the media elites.



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