Evangelicals vs. KT

Last week it was revealed that GOP Senate hopeful K.T. McFarland had seemingly impugned evangelicals in a confidential campaign-strategy memo.

"Our family worships in the Episcopal Church," wrote McFarland, "but we are not evangelical."

It didn’t take too long before one of the state’s leading born-again personalities took offense at her remark: "This will definitely come up during her campaign because I, for one, will bring it up," the Rev. Duane Motley, leader of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, told The New York Post. "This will hurt her because probably the largest block of voters in the country are evangelical, and a significant number of them are in New York…She’s saying, ‘I’m a Rockefeller Republican, I’m not one of those religious wackos over there on the right,’" and "She’s insinuating that evangelicals are the religious right and they’re controlling things in the country. Well, evangelicals are not running the country, I wish they were, but they’re not."