Professor Portman

A Hollywood starlet becomes a professor.

According to actress Natalie Portman "acted as a stand-in professor for a Columbia University" last week. Portman — a Harvard graduate — presided over the "Terrorism and Counterterrorism" course at Columbia.

The story says she got "a hearty welcome" from students, but there’s been no word as to why she played "professor for a day." writes, "There is even some speculation that the event was nothing but a publicity stunt for her upcoming movie ‘V for Vendetta.’" In the film  Portman plays a girl "who is rescued from the secret police by the vigilante known only as ‘V.’ The two band together to fight against their futuristic totalitarian society," according to the article.

Did I miss something? When did playing a specific role in a movie make an actor/actress an expert on the topic?


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