Getting It From Both Sides

An appearance by Hillary at a jobs conference at SUNY Albany was interrupted by one of her two anti-war opponents for the Democratic Senate nomination.

While more than 200 area business executives listened to Mrs. Clinton and the panel discussion, Steve Greenfield rose from the audience and shouted "When are our troops coming home from Iraq?" Greenfield, it will be remembered, is the former Green Party candidate who is challenging Hillary for the Democratic Senate nomination, and her other anti-war opponent is Jonathan Tasini. Hillary tried to put Greenfield off, saying "We’ll discuss it later. We’re going to move on."  

After Greenfield quietly left, he told reporters outside that there is a "cozy relationship between the government and the private war-profiteering sector," which "is a travesty that must be stopped." Therefore, "Hillary Clinton is not getting a free pass back to the Senate and she’s not getting a free pass to the White House."

In addition to Greenfield’s little personal protest, about two dozen university students demonstrated outside against Sen. Clinton’s appearance. It was an eclectic mix, with some protesting her support of the Iraq war, and others being members of the College Republicans. "She is a carpetbagger," said one College Republican, while the other chanted "Hey Hillary, we know you, your husband was a liar too."