Battling Media Violence

The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee recently approved a bill of which Hillary strongly supports, the Children Media Research and Advancement (CAMRA) Act.  

She joined with Senators Joe Lieberman, Sam Brownback and Rick Santorum last October to introduce the bill, which authorizes new research into the effects of viewing and using electronic media, including television, computers, video games and the Internet on children’s cognitive, social, physical, and psychological development.  

The bill is now ready to go to the Senate floor for consideration.

"As parents and policymakers, we need to better understand the effect of the constant barrage of media on our children. Our children are growing up immersed in interactive, digital and wireless media that is constantly changing. We need better, more current research to study the impact of the new media dominating our kids’ lives and we need to make sure our research keeps up with the times as technology continues to advance," said Sen. Clinton.  

While this bill fits in line with Hillary’s history against media violence, it is a little ironic that it may go against the interests of her friends in Hollywood, plus the fact that she is joining forces with possibly her least favorite Senate colleague (Santorum).