Democrats Talk a Good Game; Have Nothing to Show for It

How laughable it is to see Democrats jump on the “tough on national security” bandwagon in time for the now failed Dubai Ports deal and think that they’ve clinched the congressional midterms.

From a party who demands an expose of counter-terrorism intelligence programs and has a Senate minority leader who proudly declared, “We killed the Patriot Act,” it is hard to take anything they say seriously.  

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee believes that they can reclaim the Senate based on a poll of the most die-hard supporters.  Somehow I doubt they polled farmer Joe in Nebraska.  While the polls seem legitimate, remember that 2004 exit polls, as well as polls leading up to the election showed John Kerry defeating Bush in a landslide.  We all know how that went.  

Recently, Democratic congressmen from California proposed cutting defense spending by $60 billion, which would be instead be used to fund humanitarian and social programs, as well as deficit reduction, in the midst of a war.  

In addition to their so-called “deficit reduction plan,” Democrats are still intent on using the opposition of “anti-choice” judicial nominees as a wedge issue for the election.  Unfortunately, this ceased to be a winner back in the 1980s.  But wait, perhaps John Kerry’s treasonous and asinine rants to Bob Schieffer about how young American soldiers are terrorizing Iraqi children will work again!  After all, it worked (failed) in ’72!

Not only does the Democratic Party lack an election strategy and a basic platform that is palatable to the American public, but they also lack a leader.  Harry Reid declined to answer a reporter’s inquiry into who is the leader of the Democratic Party, because he has no clue.  All these people know is to cut defense spending in the middle of a war and pander to NOW, NARAL and the Earth Liberation Front, hoping that they can package themselves as being in touch with America.

Now there’s one hell of an election strategy.