Waist-Deep in Abramoff Money

National Review’s Byron York has written today that Hillary is waist-deep in money closely connected to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Specifically, that her "Friends of Hillary" PAC has taken at least $8,000 from Willie Tan, a Saipan garment-industry tycoon/alleged sweatshop operator, and various members of his family over just the last few months.

According to York, the campaign contributions (which in theory were wrung from the sweat of underaged, underpaid and overworked laborers) were more than donations Hillary received from twelve states. Tan had hired Abramoff in the early ’90s to help navigate through U.S. regulations covering his garment factories in the Marianas Islands.

York’s piece also revealed that Tan and his sweatshop colleagues had donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton-Gore campaign and the DNC.