Misleading Numbers

A new Siena poll finds that while 60% of Hillary’s constituents believe she is planning to run for president, only one-third of New Yorkers say they would support her candidacy.

The poll also revealed that 48% of New York voters say they would not vote to put her in the White House, and this included 30% of her fellow Democrats.

Meanwhile, a new poll in California showed that Hillary’s presidential ambitions don’t have very strong support on the Left Coast, with just 47% of registered voters saying they are inclined to support Sen. Clinton, and a solid 42% saying they are not inclined. If these polls are to be taken seriously at all, that means there will be 86 electoral votes (31 for NY and 55 for CA) that Hillary should win easily but will apparently still be in play in 2008.

However, polls this far out from the campaign should be taken with a grain of salt, there is little doubt that Democrats will be able to turn out enough of their key voting blocs in these two states to increase her chances, and the last time New York went Republican in a presidential election was 1984, and California in 1988, so odds are they will continue to vote Democrat.