Israel-Palestinian Conflict at Columbia

A controversial speaker delivers his speech to a packed house at Columbia University.
According to the Columbia Spectator, in his talk, Norman Finkelstein criticized Israel’s human rights record and said, "regardless of intent, Israel is in effect guilty of state terrorism."

The Spectator goes on to say Finkelstein "alleged that the ‘only difference between Israel terrorism and Hamas terrorism is that Israeli terrorism is three times as lethal.’"  

The controversial speaker’s visit to campus has stired much debate. As Human Events U previously reported, Finkelstein, who is a DePaul University professor, actually caused the College conservatives and Democrats to join forces in protest of his speech.

The Spectator reports that audience reaction to his address Wednesday night was "mixed" — loud cheers from some while others listened in silence and shook their heads.

According to advertisement posted on Columbia University’s Muslim Students Association website a variety of groups are co-sponsoring Finkelstein’s speech. Some of those mentioned include: United Students of Color Council, Arab Students Association, Organization of Pakistani Students and the International Socialists Organization.


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