Horowitz Speech Spurs Protesters

An attempt at a publicity stunt by academics at Duke University proves just how far liberal indoctrinators will go to silence their opposition.

David Horowitz, author of "The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America" spoke at Duke University this week as part of his “academic freedom campaign.” And, according to one of Horowitz’s websites, “…a cross-dressing feminist professor and her cohorts tried to talk 20 students — male and female — into stripping” during Horowitz’s speech.

An audience of 800 turned-out to hear "The Professors" author including "a contingent of about 20 students, led by three faculty members, including the Professor Diane Nelson, the Director of Undergraduate studies," writes

The article goes on to say that at various times, the small group of protestors would "burst into loud orchestrated giggles." But, that’s nothing compared to what they had initially planned.

The article cites the Duke student newspaper and says the protest was organized by Diane M. Nelson, Director of Undergraduate Studies and a tenured associate professor of "Cultural Anthropology."

Prior to Horowitz’s speech, Nelson sent out an e-mail on the Duke network urging students:

They claim he will ‘expose’ academia…Here are some ways we will ‘expose them.’ I say we all wear jog bras (for ladies) and nothing (for boys) under our T-shirts and at a given signal pull them off." writes, "No male students joined the Feminist Collective, and the females proved reluctant revolutionaries. Reportedly, they felt uncomfortable flashing their intellectual foe, so they decided to giggle him down instead."
When Professor Nelson was questioned about her inappropriate behavior, she said, "We came to listen. We didn’t come to disrupt him," according to the piece at