Dubai Deal Dies

The Dubai-based company that was supposed to take over operations at six major U.S. seaports pulled out of the nearly $7 billion deal after it was made clear in the House and Senate that it was a no-win situation.

The current port controller, DP World, will now sell its leases to a U.S. entity. An official with the United Arab Emirates said that his government "has decided to divest the assets from the case and that was really done primarily to salvage the relationship between the U.A.E. and the United States."

But Hillary isn’t celebrating just yet, as she wants "the details of that divestment we are all waiting to see." Maybe she can get the inside details from her husband, since he apparently has an "in" with the good folks at U.A.E.

But wait, they apparently never talk about anything, especially about the U.A.E. and ports, so that probably won’t work.


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