Boise State Follow-up

Human Events U and the Network of College Conservatives (N.C.C.) helped an outspoken conservative student get the attention he deserves.

Earlier this week, the N.C.C. told you about Brandon Stoker, president of the College Republicans at Boise State University, who received an anonymous death threat. Stoker was irate that the university was downplaying the threat made against his life.

The N.C.C. has now learned that the school’s administration contacted Stoker and expressed their concern. According to a university spokesman, the school’s vice president of student affairs asked Stoker to let the administration know if he feels unsafe and how the university may help. The school spokesman says Stoker has yet to respond.

As earlier reported, Stoker was offended that Boise State University had yet to publicly denounce the hate speech written against him

"Interestingly, in March of 2005, when a gay student leader received a death threat, which, admittedly, was more serious and threatening in nature, the administration and the university were QUICK to condemn the act. Public relations campaigns were launched preaching tolerance and support for the gay community. Yet, when conservatives are victimized by similar treatment, the administration is silent," said Stoker.

According to the NCC’s research, after last year’s death threat, a news story was printed in the student newspaper, the Arbiter, a letter to the editor was written by University President Bob Kustra decrying the act, and a diversity rally was held on campus.

However, Stoker’s incident received very little public attention. The editorial board of the student newspaper ran an article, but Stoker says it appeared on page 4 or 5 of the publication.

Human Events U and the Network of College Conservatives is pleased to see that Boise State University is taking the proper administrative steps to make Stoker feels more comfortable on campus after the threat on his life.