Professor Criticizes War on Terror

A professor in Kentucky says the war on terror “has been mostly rhetoric.”

Centre College’s Brian Cooney is a professor of philosophy, but don’t let that fool you. From his latest column published in The Advocate-Messenger, he’s an apparent expert on national security.

Professor Cooney writes, “Bush’s ‘war on terror’ has been mostly rhetoric – an excuse for invading Iraq and an election slogan to distract us from the damage he is causing at home and abroad.”

In his column, the philosophy professor describes the complex nature of the war on terror in light of the U.A.E.’s attempt to gain control of six U.S. ports. Cooney says:

“The political storm over the Bush administration’s contract with Dubai Ports International… is a striking example of poetic justice. …Having effectively terrorized the American people with the threat of Islamic terrorism, the Bush administration still saw no problem with turning over the management of major U.S. ports to a company owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates.”

The philosophy professor goes on to say, “…massive tax cuts for the rich and hundreds of billions of dollars spent on Iraq has left us without the resources to secure our homeland against another terrorist catastrophe.”

Unfortunately, readers of Cooney’s column won’t learn of former President Bill Clinton’s involvement with the U.A.E. port deal.

Professor Cooney’s belief that Bush’s ‘war on terror’ has been mostly rhetoric is somewhat ironic. His column contains nothing but leftwing rhetoric and talking points. Maybe the good professor should stick to the hypothetical world of philosophy and take a sabbatical from teaching policy matters in the real-world.