State of the Cash Flow

The New York Post has done a story on where exactly Hillary is getting her campaign cash, at least the donations of $200 and over that have to be reported to the FEC.

They found that while she has just one campaign donor each in Idaho, South Dakota and North Dakota, two in Montana, and contributors numbering in the single digits in states like Alaska, Wyoming and Utah, she is doing quite well in the states that count, electorally speaking. For example, in just the last year Hillary has gotten 6,400 New Yorkers to cough up $5.6 million, an average of $875 per contribution, and $1.5 million from 1,600 Californians. She also also been doing well in electoral vote-rich states such as Texas ($540,000), Massachusetts ($450,000), Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio. And donors from the two states that kick off the 2008 primaries, Iowa and New Hampshire, have given Mrs. Clinton decent numbers as well, $21,000 and $15,000, respectively. The Post also notes, interestingly enough, that “thirty-eight donors from Puerto Rico have given her $71,000 — four times more than she has gotten from her former home state of Arkansas.”