Hear Her Roar

Hillary recently spoke at a breakfast fundraiser hosted by female supporters, where she accused Republicans of attacking her because she’s a woman.

Said Hill: "When you run as a Democrat, and in particular, when you run as a Democratic woman, whether you’re running at the local, state or national level, it’s likely you’re going to draw some unfriendly fire. People will be attacking you instead of your ideas, they may impugn your patriotism, they may even say you’re angry."

Hillary also told her breakfast company that, if those misogynist Republicans ever call them "angry" again, they should "wear it as a badge of honor, because you know what? There are lots of things that we should be angry and outraged about these days."

It seems that in this case, like with the ports deal, Hillary is trying to have her cake and eat it too. It could certainly be said that her gender has helped her many times, or at least that she sought shelter behind it. Who could forget when she testified before the Whitewater Committee in her soft pink suit? And the main impetus behind her 2000 Senate campaign was her status as a wronged woman. While it’s likely that there are many men in America who wouldn’t support any woman politician, Democrat or Republican, simply because she’s a woman, it is far more likely that many men just simply don’t like a seemingly cold, condescending and extremely liberal female like Hillary. Which is why Republican National Committee spokeswoman Tara Wall put it perfectly, explaining criticism of Mrs. Clinton not because of her sex but because of her personality and her politics, saying that "When you vote to consistently raise people’s taxes, vote against common sense judicial nominees and use Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday to divide Americans along racial lines, you’re likely to encourage criticism of both your ideas and temperament."