Catholic Democrats Reluctant to Fight Abortion

Dale Kildee and Bart Stupak are both from my state of Michigan. On February 28, 2006 they were two of 55 Catholic Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives who signed a "Catholic Statement of Principles." This statement proclaims that these Catholic Democrats reserve the right to be in disagreement with the Catholic Church on important issues like abortion. Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa L. DeLauro leads this group and issued the press release from her office.

DeLauro was Executive Director of "Emily’s List," which is a huge national political organization whose sole purpose is to elect pro-choice Democrats and aggressively change the face of political power in America. "Emily’s List" is called the richest pro-abortion organization in the country and boasts that it has been responsible for helping get elected 61 Democratic pro-choice members of Congress, 11 pro-choice senators and eight pro-choice governors.

DeLauro’s office issued the press statement, which reads in part "we acknowledge and accept the tension that comes with being in disagreement with the church in some areas". DeLauro declared that many Democratic politicians want to "reserve the right to obey (their) conscience rather than church teachings."

This could be viewed as an enormous coup for DeLauro’s agenda as she caucused, enamored and duped her feeble fellow Democrats to make this disconnected statement in relation to the Catholic Church and its teachings.

Catholic League President William Donohue said that the Democrats who signed this document "are trying to convince the public, and especially Catholics, that one can be a good Catholic and differ with the Catholic Church on abortion."

The Catholic Democrats’ response to Donohue was that his statement was an "ideologically-driven condemnation of this serious effort to address the whole range of Catholic issues."

This is ridiculous and is very misleading.

They suggested that Donohue was parroting the Republican line on abortion, that reversing Roe v. Wade is the only answer. This is more double talk and supports their "new direction" away from the Catholic Church and its teachings. In reality the overturn of Roe v.Wade is the only solution that will stop this baby-killing in its tracks.

While these Democratic leaders say that they agree on the "undesirability of abortion" their statement is painfully void of any reference to stopping abortion in the Democrat party’s platform. If they are honestly against abortion then why don’t they put solid language in their platform to stop abortion? Could it be that abortion is not quite as undesirable to them as they suggest and that Donohue is correct?

This political fighting back and forth garners the headlines and shamefully supersedes in importance the real issue which is that millions more of our unborn will be sacrificed on the altar of American politics until politicians come together and address this issue.

National Director of Priests for Life, Rev. Frank Pavone also quickly asserted that these legislators have made a big mistake by introducing a bundle of contradictions into the debate.

For these Democratic leaders to loudly proclaim that America must protect its most vulnerable citizens and then from the same mouth declare that they will not vigorously protect America’s totally defenseless unborn children is political double talk. It is sheer hypocrisy.

Rather then continue America’s holocaust of the unborn, these powerful politicians should have been ceaselessly using their influence to educate the public to this horrendous procedure. They should have been using the authority of their leadership positions to eradicate abortion rather than linking up as a group with a certified pro-choice leader activist such as Congresswoman DeLauro who was once Executive Director of a major organization whose sole purpose is to keep abortion alive. These Democrats have never been properly taken to task on their ineffectiveness relative to ending abortion. It is time to take them to task.

These Democrats know the score, and they can’t plead ignorance. How can any civilized person look into the tormented face of an aborted baby, see the tiny limbs that were ripped apart and not have any feeling for this child? How can they have no remorse and not actively and honestly work to end this gruesome practice and dark stain on America? This is insane!

Our nation would be up in arms if any innocent segment of Americans were physically ripped apart, burned beyond recognition with painful saline solutions and then flushed down the toilet like a piece of waste. It would be unacceptable, as it should be. If any Americans were pulverized in the industrial strength garbage disposals or had a scissors put to the back of their heads and their brains removed, people would be in shock. To even suggest it sounds barbaric, yet that is precisely what abortionists can legally do to our unborn thanks to our Supreme Court and the political group of people that call themselves our government’s leaders. They will soon want to be re-elected, and they will soon be asking you for "your" support.

Because these liberal politicians have been looking the other way and refusing to take a leadership position, they have enabled the assembly-line murder factories for future generations of Americans. So far, America has murdered through abortion well over 46,000,000 of our pre-born. It is truly an American holocaust. What must God think when he looks down at the carnage we have visited upon our innocent unborn children.

Now these Democrats have decided to clearly and callously distance their party from their church and therefore the word of God. They say that they want to "reserve the right to obey (their) conscience rather then church teachings". This is a betrayal to fellow Catholics. Who can deny this obvious fact?

This is obviously politically motivated and is pre-election posturing, but this time with tremendous "wiggle room" and a profound twist. That wily twist is that they are making a meaningful "public break" with the Catholic Church to which they all belong.

By taking their new convoluted non-position on abortion, they now appear as double-talking fence sitters who once professed to be unequivocally anti-abortion but now take the political position of confusion. Confusion is political deception at its worst.

America needs strong governmental leaders of conviction not weak leaders that lack the courage, strength and sincerity to back their beliefs legislatively. To say one thing and then do the direct opposite is to be a hypocrite. You can’t pick and choose whatever truths you want from the Bible to match your governmental party. God’s word doesn’t work that way.

It is plain, and it is simple. There are many pro-life Catholic voters in America who are taking note as to who signed this statement, and who didn’t. American voters are not chumps. They are sickened that America’s baby-killing machine continues on without interruption due to the silence and confusion of politicians, just like Hitler’s gas chambers did many years ago.

These Democrats will have a very tricky time convincing the voters, particularly Catholic voters that they can disagree with the Catholic Church on abortion and still remain first-rate Catholics.

Many Democrats who signed on to this pact may get the shock of their political career when they are sent packing as they find that in addition to putting themselves above the teachings of their church, they have also committed political suicide. They may be in dire need of a new profession. Informed and committed Catholics may not vote for a political candidate with opposite fundamental beliefs to their church beliefs.

Just like the rest of us, these leaders will ultimately face God’s judgment just like the rest of us when they step out of this life. That will be a time and place where doubletalk and double standards won’t work. Their refusal to follow the tenets of the Bible and their faith, when they could have made a huge difference to correct this injustice to humanity, will be made intensely apparent to them personally.

For those in our nation who know better but remains silent, or even worse support any politician from any party who refuses to actively fight abortion makes us complicit and as guilty as they are.

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