Case Closed, K.T. Dismissed

Supporters of conservative GOP Senate candidate John Spencer have dismissed new campaign entrant Kathleen McFarland as an "elitist liberal," and many of her recent statements haven’t really done anything to prove them wrong. She is well known as being pro-choice, she won’t say how she would have voted on the resolution to use force in Iraq, and she refused to associate herself with recent comments by RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman and White House advisor Karl Rove that Hillary is "angry."

Now she says she wouldn’t have voted to convict Hillary’s husband, as she recently told talk-show host Chris Matthews that she would not have voted for the two counts of impeachment against President Clinton if she were a Senator in January 1999. To be fair to KT, New York is a tremendously liberal and pro-choice state, and President Clinton’s impeachment was wildly unpopular there, with polls showing nearly 80 percent in opposition to impeachment.

Plus, K.T.’s stands are not that much different from those of popular N.Y. politician Rudy Giuliani, although his support of the war in Iraq seems a bit more unequivocal that McFarland’s. Be that as it may, if the trend continues and she inevitably comes out, as most all GOP New Yorkers do, as being in favor of gay rights and gun control, it will only provide the Spencer camp with more ammo and fill concerned conservatives with more chagrin.


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