Military Recruiters Win

Colleges that accept federal money must permit military recruiters on campus according to the United States’ Supreme Court.

In a unanimous decision handed-down today, the Justices rejected a free-speech challenge from law school professors who objected to the Pentagon’ s "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy, according to an Associated Press report.

"Many universities forbid the participation of recruiters from public agencies and private companies that have discriminatory policies" writes the AP. The article goes on to say that law school professors claimed "they should not be forced to associate with military recruiters or promote their campus appearances."

Chief Justice John Roberts, who wrote the unanimous decision, said "A military recruiter’s mere presence on campus does not violate a law school’s right to associate, regardless of how repugnant the law school considers the recruiter’s message."

United States Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas), a member of the Judiciary Committee and former Texas Supreme Court Justice says, "This decision will ensure that the military will continue to be comprised of our nation’s finest — men and women who know how to defend our country in a manner consistent with our values and principles."

The high court heard the case, Rumsfeld v. Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights, late last year and, even then, the justices "signaled" they had few objections with the law, according to the AP story.