Forget 'Brokeback,' Stewart's Man Crush on Clooney Was Real Oscar Show

If Jon Stewart’s flop as Oscar emcee wasn’t a blaring sign Hollywood and politics don’t mix, George Clooney’s self-laudatory arrogant acceptance speech was.

Stewart, who spent more time lavishing praise on Clooney than working in political digs he’s known for, half-attempted to poke fun at the Hollywood elite for being “out of touch” but Stewart, too happy basking in liberal love on the stage, failed to deliver any punchy lines that might risk offending his new pals.

One couldn’t suspect Stewie gave Georgie a heads-up on his pre-planned monologue that gingerly tip-toed on jokes that the Hollywood crowd was so poor and struggling that the ladies in the audience couldn’t afford clothing to cover their breasts. (Sure, I chuckled, but it was more like the appetizer laugh. The hunger for classic Daily Show Jon Stewart that could give me a full plate of political wit never materialized). Comparisons like these were meant to make fun of the fact that Hollywood was “out of touch.”

But, no. When he came up to accept his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor that dignified, salt and pepper gray, gosh, I’d take him as my ER doc any day, George Clooney proudly boasted he was glad to be out of touch because dang it, Hollywood just knows better than anyone else.


After making reference to being named the “Sexiest Man Alive,” his role as Batman and other accomplishments that keeps Stewart’s crush in overdrive, Clooney said:

We are a little bit out of touch in Hollywood. I think that’s probably a good thing.

We are the ones who talked about AIDS when it was only being whispered.

We talked about civil rights.

I’m proud to be part of this Academy, proud to be part of this community, proud to be ‘out of touch.’

Duh, Hollywood is just ahead of the curve! I got it. Instant policy changes from here on out. Congress, you are assigned to go to the movies every night and thereby draft new legislation based on what you catch between popcorn buckets. Roger, Egbert you’re expected to be the next two Supreme Court nominees. We’ll gradually phase out the middle to elderly members of Congress in favor of up and coming teen stars who might be able to get the 18-24 vote. Forget scandals of Lindsey Lohan sleeping with Nick Lachey, they now have the UN to control! Oil for food will have a whole new meaning with the modeling set.

Fabulous. But let’s put some lobbying restrictions between Stewart and Clooney, otherwise they could be the next Billary two for one deal.