KT Update

Published reports show that KT McFarland has set up a website to solicit campaign contributions donations for a “possible” run against Hillary. 

Although on Friday the New York Times had reported that KT was officially in the race, her adviser William O’Reilly said afterward that she “is still gauging support and has not actually decided whether to run.”  Maybe that’s why the only thing that shows up on the "Endorsements" section on her website are the words "under construction." 

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News reports that she’s spent about $39,000 so far, including $299.16 to play the course at the Hamptons’ Shinnecock Hills Golf Club with Rudy and Judi Giuliani, and over $400 at the elegant Union Club with the family of ex-New Jersey Gov. Christie Whitman. 

Recent stories also reveal that she has more in common with Hillary than most people might think.  For example, McFarland’s first government job was in the Nixon White House typing pool when she was a college freshman, while Hillary’s first job was with the House Nixon impeachment inquiry staff.  In addition, while Hillary brags she is the first New York Senator to ever sit on the Senate Armed Services Committee, according to McFarland’s website K.T. was one of the first women to work on the same committee’s staff. 

Obviously, McFarland faces an uphill battle, and she knows it.  So she has turned to the Father of Our Country, George Washington, for inspiration: “In the dark days before Valley Forge, people said to him, ‘’How can you possibly expect to win?’ and he said, ‘It’s not up to me, it’s up to the Creator. But I can wage a campaign that deserves to win…’  What George Washington said is good enough for me.  It’s up to the Creator — and the voters.” 

Her potential GOP opponent, John Spencer, deems her potential candidacy as “too liberal, too late,” and Democrats appear to be pleased.  “The Republican Party now faces a bruising primary between its eighth choice — who’s out of the mainstream — and its ninth choice, whose campaign admits she’s running not to serve New Yorkers but to ‘bog down Hillary Clinton,’” said party spokesman Blake Zeff. 

And as for Hillary, she portrayed herself as staying above the fray, saying that “I am going to remain focused on my job and my race.  I will leave it to the other side to sort out their own candidacies.”