Womyn's Herstory Month

March is evidently "Women’s History Month," and on Tuesday Sen. Clinton released a statement celebrating it: "As we commemorate Women’s History Month, we honor the countless ways women have made a difference in the lives of their families, their communities, our country and the world."

She did not mention the countless female babies that have been aborted over the last 30+ years.

Hillary then claimed that "There has never been a better time and place in the history of the world to be a woman than in twenty-first century America," which doesn’t exactly jibe with her relentless criticism of the administration for supposedly keeping women down (i.e., by supporting pro-life efforts and nominating strict constructionist judges and allegedly opposing equal pay for women).

Then, in perhaps a salute to herself, she noted that "Young women today have every option open to them, thanks to the brave women that blazed the trail before them."

Hillary also said that we "have an obligation to help empower women around the world who continue to struggle for equality. Around the world today, too many women are denied what we consider human rights."

Yet she once blasted the administration for supposedly making it even harder for women in Iraq, as though they had it good under Saddam Hussein’s regime. Don’t remember feminist founders like Betty Freidan ever saying good things about rape rooms.