Tired Of Farrakhan and Friends Condemning America

Louis Farrakhan, leader of America’s Black Muslims, said the other day at what he calls the Black State Of the Union Address that "America Should Burn." Well, Minister Farrakhan — actually, Imam Farrakhan — if you don’t like it here, why don’t you take your torch and live somewhere else.
I and tens of millions of Americans are getting weary of people living here constantly deriding America. Nowhere will one find a land of greater freedom, true liberty, one with people of such good will and decades of civil peace and predictability.
From all over the world people are risking their lives and praying to get here. Yet all we hear from you and Jesse, Al and Harry, Danny and Julian is how bad this country is. What have you and the aforementioned professional complainers offered outside of decades of resentment, bitterness, and agitation? All this, after this country has bent over backwards to Do The Right Thing. Around the globe, the tormented yearn and praise America while you scorn her.
America owes you and your followers not a wit more than it offers anybody else: the right to get up in the morning and seize the opportunities found in a free society. It guarantees no outcome, but it provides life and liberty to all, and the pursuit of happiness to those willing to put in the hard work and sacrifice that enables a person to do what he can with his life.
You can vote; you can walk any street; one set of laws governs us all. There are no white laws or black laws, Jewish laws or Hindu laws, nor a set of laws for farmers different from those who dwell in the city. Nowhere in the world is the concept of equal justice under the law practiced more consistently than in the United States.
My family came here decades ago without a penny and not knowing the language. They asked for nothing but to be free to worship as they wished and be responsible for their own livelihood. So stop the carping and the hate-filled speeches. Instead of scapegoating Whites and Jews, how about some good citizenship, and start speaking of the hope and opportunity that is America.
It’s not such a bad place this America; after all, Mexicans are coming here daily and are working their hardest. In my lifetime alone, new patriots came from Vietnam, as ravaged boat people; Russians came fleeing communism; Cubans reached our shores by rafting from the clutches and prisons of Castro; Indians came from Delhi. They came with nothing but a wish to make a life through their labors. And successful they’ve become. Not because anyone gave them freebies, but because instead of wasting time complaining and accusing, they worked toward their goals and assumed their responsibilities. And they love America.
I hear how you wax poetic about Africa. But today Africa is a place of rampant disease, civil war, dictatorship, and hunger. Yes, I know, that even in Africa, it’s all "the fault of America and the White 19th Century settlers there."
I know how you wax poetic about the Muslim leaders and laws in northern Africa. Yes, the lands of universal brotherhood, guided by the Bill of Rights. You’ll castigate America all day, but you and I know that neither you nor any of your followers would ever relocate and live in Africa. Never. Because life is too good and secure here. You’re all bluff and no puff.
I have little respect and patience for those unwilling to see their blessings here, yet see utopia in far away impoverished and brutal countries. Here, everyone you represent has a refrigerator, TV and cable, a car, heat and air conditioning, fast food, free schools, clothes galore and immunization, let alone a roof, water, hot and cold. Where else do other people, even poor people, have these daily comforts? I’m glad my ancestors arrived here — I don’t pine for Lithuania.
Don’t talk to us about racism. The "white devils," as you call us, have made a Black woman the most popular personality on TV — Oprah. America’s most beloved comedian? Bill Cosby. Most admired sports figure? Michael Jordan, or is it Tiger Woods or Jerry Rice. Condi, Collin, and Clarence! Can’t get much higher than Secretary of State and Justice of the Supreme Court. We conservatives admire Thomas Sowell as much as we do Bill Buckley. Sowell is Black.
We’d even have more Black senators and governors, but whereas I’d vote for Blackwell, Daniels, Swann, and Steele — it is you who would not, nor would Jesse, Al, Julian, Harry and Danny. No, for you they are anathema because they love America. An authentic Black, according to you, is one who wants to " Burn America."
You can say these things and get away with it because liberals don’t hold you to the same standards they do, say, Rev. Pat Robertson. Now, that’s racism! You can spout, but liberals won’t complain since they " understand." Others are simply afraid.
You and Jesse and Al had years and years to elevate your followers, open up vistas, replace bitterness with brotherhood and love of country, take the immature and lead them to broad horizons. You squandered your roles. You guys took the low road. And the people suffered.