Marshall Plan

National Journal‘s Hotline reports that Capricia Marshall, a longtime assistant and “confidante” to Hillary when she was First Lady, “has signed on to be finance director for Clinton’s re-election committee, Friends of Hillary (FOH).”

According to Hotline, Marshall will also raise money for Sen. Clinton’s HillPAC, and she “joins a team brimming with professional fundraising talent, including Dan Turrentine, Bari Lurie, Nancy Eiring, Dara Freed, and Sara O’Keefe.”

Marshall is a native of Cleveland and a graduate of Purdue University and Case Western Reserve University School of Law. She worked on the 1992 Clinton campaign and became Mrs. Clinton’s executive assistant in January 1993. It was during this time that the New York Times described Marshall as the “clothing and makeup assistant” to the First Lady. In 1998, Marshall was promoted to White House Social Secretary. One of the drawbacks to being so closely associated with Mrs. Clinton back then was that everyone near her was inevitably involved in a myriad of lawsuits and scandals, and Marshall was no different, although she was never implicated in anything.

For example, Marshall retained legal representation during the Monica Lewinsky affair and testified during the Senate Whitewater hearings. Marshall testified on the matter of Hillary’s infamous missing Rose Law firm papers, swearing that she never saw the records and had no idea how they were put in the room where, as she told the committee, she usually worked.

Even in 2004, Marshall was dragged into another Hillary-related legal problem, dealing with the shady star-studded event in August 2000 to raise money for candidate Mrs. Clinton’s New York Senate campaign. The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch revealed that Chris Fickes, David Rosen’s assistant on the gala, “testified that top level members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff, including Capricia Marshall, who once served as Hillary Clinton’s social secretary at the White House, were well aware of the logistics of the event.”

In addition to being a “confidante” of Hillary’s, Marshall was also close to daughter Chelsea. She would often accompany the Clinton girls on foreign trips, tagging along, according to the Associated Press, as a “government-paid minder…primarily for Chelsea’s sake.”

Soon after the salacious Starr Report came out in 1998, the Washington Post reported that Marshall accompanied the Clintons to Martha’s Vineyard, and a friend of Hillary’s said this was a good thing because “I think Chelsea tells Capricia things she may not even tell her mother. Capricia is a gal-pal who is totally safe because anything Chelsea tells her will never, ever, ever be repeated.”

A couple of years later, Marshall was helping the family yet again, as Dick Morris wrote that Senator-elect Hillary sent her to Westchester County to look for possible homes. Since the Clinton White House disbanded, Marshall said she visited with Sen. Clinton “for lunch or other get-togethers every few weeks.”

She also organized the Washington screening of Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911” and served as an advisor to ABC’s feminist dream show “Commander in Chief.”