Louisiana Gov. Told Bush Levees Were Intact

…Remember yesterday when I told you these August Katrina videos were a "snapshot" in time that misrepresented reality?

Just one day after the AP spawned a full news cycle of  Bush-bashing stories a new video has "come to light that shows the Governor of Louisiana told Bush the levees were intact:

"In the hectic, confused hours after Hurricane Katrina lashed the Gulf Coast, Louisiana’s governor hesitantly but mistakenly assured the Bush administration that New Orleans’ protective levees were intact, according to a new video obtained by The Associated Press showing briefings that day with federal officials."

That’s right:  The Democrat governor of Louisiana TOLD Bush the levees were still intact…

I like how the reporter added that the governor "hesitantly" said they were intact (as if that matters).

So why isn’t this story on the front page of every paper in America?


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