Kaloogian Looks for Funds in California, Helps Counter Sheehan Rally

Howard Kaloogian, Republican front-runner in the special election to fill former U.S. Congressman Duke Cunningham’s seat, sent an e-mail out to supporters today announcing that his top opponent, anti-war liberal Francine Busby, has collected over $1 million in campaign money — according to the Federal Elections Commission — most of which came through online solicitations from anti-war organization and promotions from leftist radio program Air America. Kaloogian, on the other hand, reports to have only $300,000 to his name.

Obviously, if Kaloogian wants to have a chance he needs to pick up the pace, which is the reason for the e-mail: to ask supporters to contribute to his campaign.

Kaloogian helped launch Move America Forward which is a proud supporter of America’s troops. This afternoon the group is hosting a "Pro-Troop Rally" in San Diego to counter a rally led by anti-war activist and left-wing nut Cindy Sheehan held earlier in the day. Kaloogian will be addressing the crowd, along with Deborah Johns, founder of Northern California Marine Moms, who led the "You Don’t Speak for Me, Cindy" tour across the country.

Sheehan replied to Johns’ movement in an op-ed published February 25, 2006 by titled “Speak for Yourself,” by saying: “I have news for Deborah and for the rest of America and the world: I never said I spoke for Deborah, or anyone else. I speak for Cindy Sheehan. Only Cindy Sheehan.”

She continued: "I expect everyone else to speak for themselves. That is each and every one of our duties and responsibilities as Americans and human beings. I wish someone would show me anywhere that I said I ever spoke for anyone but myself."

Johns’ countered in a press release by saying:

"Cindy Sheehan doesn’t seem very supportive of our troops. She seems to have gone off the deep end and saying ridiculous things and it’s aggravating to say the least."

"It’s especially important that we continue to stand up to show our support for our troops and their mission as the elections in Iraq approach. That is why I am proud to support the San Diego rally on Friday…the terrorist insurgency is counting on negative people like Cindy Sheehan to undermine American support for what we’re doing in Iraq."