NBC News: Gregory Wasn't Drunk

NBC News spokeswoman Barbara Levin told HUMAN EVENTS that White House correspondent David Gregory wasn’t drunk during his conversation with Don Imus this morning.

“Do you listen to Imus? I mean this is what Imus does,” Levin said. “I would just say my reaction is that this is an absurd accusation. Of course, David Gregory wasn’t drinking.”

When asked if Gregory was drunk, Levin said: “No, of course not!”

The episode marked the second time in two weeks that Gregory has made news for himself. Two weeks ago, during an exchange with White House spokesman Scott McClellan, he told the press secretary: “Don’t be a jerk to me.”

When I asked Levin if any disciplinary action would be taken against Gregory, she responded: “Of course not! Imus jokes—that’s what he does on the air.”