Hooray for Hollywood

CNN’s William Schneider says that Sen. Clinton is not being viewed as the best Democratic candidate for president by major Hollywood players.  

The Director of The Norman Lear Center, Marty Kaplan, told CNN that "Many people who supported her husband are supporting her. But the same issue is dogging her, and that’s electability.This is the place where illusions are made. And, so, people know when somebody’s incapable of getting across authenticity."

The Hollywood trade publication "Variety" also reported recently that "potential Hollywood donors are curious" about alternatives to Sen. Hillary Clinton, including an attendee at a Mark Warner Hollywood fundraiser who said "Everyone who was for Hillary is now shopping around. They’re looking to fall in love."  

It seems that Hollywood-types also don’t like Hillary’s votes on Iraq, the Patriot Act and of course her stand against video-game violence.

 However, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, Hillary has received the most cash from the entertainment business in 2006, taking in $213,645 so far from movie, TV and music industry sources. A quick check at FEC records show that Hollywood’s biggest names are demonstrating no problem contributing to Hillary’s campaign, including Norman Lear, who has given HRC over $4,000 in just the past year.

The fact is that no Democratic candidate has more star-power than Hillary, and despite Hollywood’s supposed trepidations over her candidacy for president, they will still support her — especially when Bill shows up campaigning with her.