Dynamic Duo: Begala and Carville

Hillary recently turned to James Carville and Paul Begala, two of her husband’s 1992 campaign advisors, to help her fill her campaign coffers.

Apparently $17 million against an unknown opponent in a liberal state with 100% name recognition and a 30-point lead in the polls and a friendly media is not quite enough, so an e-mail was sent out to potential donors last week begging for more cash.

Begala’s e-mail appeal began ominously, warning that "Election Day is eight months away, but the Republican attack machine is going after Hillary Clinton big-time."

He revealed that "her GOP opponent" had met with Karl Rove (gasp!) and that "You and I know what that means — financial support from a Bush political-financial complex that leaves no special interest lobbyist behind and it means pushing millions of dollars into an anti-Hillary campaign."

Begala then turned comical, invoking the most feared Democratic bogeyman of all, the First Lady. That’s right, Laura "The Librarian" Bush: "Laura Bush says Hillary is ‘out of bounds,’" cried Begala.

Later, an e-mail fundraising pitch was issued from Carville: "To give the devils their due, the Republicans know how to confuse the issues, distort the past, and disguise the kind of future they want," said the Ragin’ Cajun. "A future where presidents are way above the law and the people, where the middle class is squeezed while the rich are comforted and where Americans who need a helping hand get the back of the hand instead."

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign spokeswoman Ann Lewis says she is glad to have Carville and Begala on board, because "they know how to fight and they know how to win."

Of course, getting their support is not exactly surprising, as it is apparent they still are loyal to Mr. Clinton and therefore will support his wife’s candidacy.

In addition, the duo recently released a book "Take It Back: Our Party, Our Country, Our Future," which reads like a page out of Hillary’s Senate career thus far — appear to be moderate on abortion, crack down on illegal immigration, stress traditional values and be supportive of the war in Iraq.

The spokesman for the likely GOP candidate, John Spencer, says that "[i]t is not surprising that Senator Clinton is sending out her liberal attack dogs because she recognizes John Spencer as a credible opponent who poses a serious threat to her political ambitions and agenda…To bring in Carville and Begala at this early stage shows the panic behind the scenes of Senator Clinton’s campaign."