RE: What Was I Doing at a Democratic Fundraiser?

Good post, Rob. When I first read the headline, I assumed Amanda had infiltrated another Leftist group.  

The Democrats face a catch-22: To raise money and win the nomination, they’ve got to become liberals (see Al Gore and John Edwards). But by doing this, they sign a deal with the devil that assures they cannot win the General Election. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

It’s no surprise that the last two Democrats to hold the office of president were Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Both these candidates campaigned as Southern "conservative" Democrats. For this reason, Mark Warner might actually be the best chance the Dems have of actually winning.

Luckily for Republicans (arguably unluckily for America, though) the liberals who currently dominate the Democrat Party are doing everything in their power to make sure centrists don’t seize control. They have attacked Sen. Joe Lieberman for supporting the Iraq war and have supported the primary opponent of Rep. Henry Cuellar (R-TX-28). Most recently, they have even gone so far as to pressure Cuellar’s Democrat political consultants to abandon him.  

Of course, Lieberman and Cuellar — the types of candidates the Dems are trying to rid themselves of — actually make their party look less angry and liberal. Isn’t it ironic? Yes. And it’s also good news for Republicans!


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