Definition of a RINO

If you’ve ever wondered what the term RINO means, Peter Bronson of The Enquirer and Cincinnati.Com has an interesting column today in which he defines it:

Define RINO.

Republican in Name Only applies to a species of politicians indigenous to Ohio who lip-synch conservative promises to get elected in primaries, then molt into liberals after getting elected.

Use it in a sentence.

Ohio Gov. Bob Taft became leader of the RINO herd by raising taxes and backtracking on his promise to support a concealed-carry law.

Provide an example.

RINO Attorney General Jim Petro said he opposed gay marriage, but opposed an amendment to ban it and declined to enforce the law when Miami University offered benefits to spouses of gay employees.

What’s the opposite of a RINO?

Petro’s opponent for governor, Ken Blackwell.