Boehner Vague on Shadegg's Rumored Informal Leadership Role

National Review and both reported that Rep. John Boehner, the new House majority leader, might create a special leadership role to Rep. John Shadegg (Ariz.). Shadegg helped Boehner secure the position by breaking up support for Rep. Roy Blunt (Mo.), who was also jockeying for top spot.

Among the three contenders, it was believed among many conservatives that Shadegg would have represented the biggest break from current scandals, as Blunt currently serves as majority whip and the media attacked Boehner for his K-Street connections and unapologetic relationships with lobbyists.

Today I asked Boehner, "Earlier this month you said you would consider an informal leadership role for Mr. Shadegg, assistant majority leader was thrown around. What kind of role do you expect him now to play?"

Boehner’s response was vague and brief: "We are continuing to chat."