Liberals Host Sex Fair on Campus

Hundreds of students turn-out to get turned-on by liberal educators.

The University of Missouri-Kansas City held its first "sex fair," and after reading about the account in the Kansas City Star, the most exciting fact students learned was that a Trojan condom could be filled with 26 limes without tearing.
The six-hour sex fair (yes, six hours) organized by Feminist United, was attended by more than 250 students and faculty who received an education on safe sex, healthy sex and "the art of making love" according to the report.
Participants learned the latest in sexual education while the song "Get Ur Freak On" by rapper Missy Elliott "blared from speakers" reports the article. "…students raced to pull a prophylactic over a banana, and later a woman from Planned Parenthood gave a lecture on sexual anatomy."

That’s right. Planned — I’m going to get an abortion because a baby doesn’t fit in my immediate plans — Parenthood was lecturing students about sex.
The article goes on to say that large numbers of students were attracted to tables selling sex toys and "X-rated lollipops in white or dark chocolate. White or dark chocolate…how racist! I guess Asians and Indians don’t have sex."
The Kansas City Star reports that the event had gotten a thumbs-up from university administrators. "The sex program was approved based on the educational value the event brings to participants," said Mel Tyler, associate vice chancellor for student affairs. Jane Wood, director of the Women’s Center, said: "It is pure education. It’s students saying to other students: Be smart, be safe, take care of your body."

Right… it’s all about the "educational value."