Clinton's 'Humanitarian' Foreign Policy

Here’s a useful article about Kosovo, where talks are set to begin soon on the province’s final status.

In short, here’s the current situation: Since Clinton spearheaded the NATO attack against the Serbs in response to wildly exaggerated reports of Serbian atrocities against Muslim Albanians, the Christian Serbs have now been largely ethnically cleansed from Kosovo by the Muslim Albanian mafia, which has established control over much of the province.

European leaders have already indicated they favor forcing Serbia to accept complete independence for Kosovo, which would create a third European Muslim country (along with Albania and Bosnia). The rump Serb presence in Kosovo would surely be expunged in an independent Kosovo, and the remaining Orthodox churches would likely be dismantled, while Kosovo would be turned over to the Albanian mafia, thus providing al-Qaeda with a marvelous entry point to the European continent.

What a stunning success for Clinton’s "humanitarian" foreign policy.