Affirmative Action Bake Sale II

College Republicans on a Pennsylvania campus are under attack.

A student protest and an attempt to cut funding to the Kutztown University College Republicans are underway.

The Keystone Online reports that 50 students will walk in a silent march across campus today ending at the school’s administration building to protest the College Republican’s affirmative action bake sale.

Moreover, the school’s College Democrats are gathering signatures on a petition in hopes the Student Government Board will cut the College Republican’s funding according to the piece.

The bake sale, which took place more than two weeks ago, has received campus-wide attention.

Dan Newpher, a senior political science major and member of the KU College Democrats, tells the Keystone Online, "[The bake sale] made us realize that racism is still part of politics today and we want that to end."

"This is not an ideological or political petition. They [KUCR] violated principles of The Key’s Code of Civility," said Steve Carfagno, a senior Political Science major and president of the KU College Democrats.

The Keystone Online reports that Carfagno says he heard the KUCR President say at the bake sale that African-American students from Philadelphia don’t deserve to be at KU, and, that their tuition is cheaper. However, the President of Kutztown University says the school doesn’t have any kind of "preferential admissions" and "that process is color-blind."

Human Events U will keep you posted if any action is taken against the Kutztown University College Republicans.