Affirmative Action Bake Sale I

Racism takes center stage at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte.

The Niner Online reports College Republicans at the school will hold an affirmative action bake sale on Monday. Event planners want to show their "disdain" for the controversial policy and expect both supporters and dissenters to turn-out.

"We welcome anyone who wants to come discuss affirmative action with us, and we are not bothered by the protestors," says Nathan Shore, chairman of the College Republicans.

During last year’s affirmative action bake sale one protestor threw a bologna sandwich at the College Republicans and said "College Republicans are full of bologna," and one student threatens to mace the College Republicans at this year’s event according to the article, which cites a College Republican Press Release.

Nothing will be sold at the bake sale. The College Republicans simply want to show that if they applied affirmative action policies, students would pay different prices for the same baked goods based on their race. The Niner Online goes on to report that fliers for the event are stirring-up controversy on campus. One such flier says, "Affirmative Action is a Negative Reaction … Only racists consider race."

"Our fliers are intended to draw peoples’ attention to affirmative action, and we hope they create discussion and debate," Shore said. "It will probably bring more people out."

According to the article, a statement from the College Democrats says they support free speech but that they "object to the degrading and offensive promotion of the event."