Hillary's Would-Be Assassin

Maurice Richards, who threatened to kill Sen. Clinton on January 24, 2005, was sentenced on Tuesday to five years probation.

A counselor at a shelter where Richards was staying overheard Richards say "I’m gonna put two bullets into her, put two bullets into Hillary Clinton," and a social worker at the same shelter testified that Richards said "I’ll take three bullets and put them in Hillary Clinton. I’m going to kill that white woman devil."

Hillary was set to visit Philadelphia for a fundraiser on February 4, 2005. Richards was also ordered to continue mental-health treatment and take medication regularly; to refrain from using controlled substances and get drug treatment; to continue with a job-training program and not travel outside Philadelphia.

Prosecutors had wanted Richards to serve six to 12 months in jail for threatening to kill a member of a former president’s immediate family, and Richards had already served close to five months in prison.

"I’m sorry if I got anyone upset," Richards told U.S. District Court Judge R. Barclay Surrick before he was sentenced.