Justified Concern Over Dubai Port Deal

In the "What the HELL were they thinking" category…

We are presented with the Dubai Port controversy where the operations of 6 major U.S. ports are going to be taken over by an entity of the United Arab Emirates. When this story broke, the level of hysteria from the Dems was to be expected, but when Republicans began chiming in, including the Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, it raised even my eyebrows. So I did a little investigating to see what the all fuss was really about, because I couldn’t believe the Bush Administration would be so frivolous with such a national security issue. I’m an avid supporter of the President and his dedication to the protection of this country is unequivocal.

So, I’ve listened to Administration officials and some pundits try to explain this decision, but their reasoning just doesn’t cut it for me. And apparently, I’m not alone…there’s a bipartisan effort to delay the deal (a rare act of bipartisanship these days) and justifiably so.

Despite the explanations that "only some port terminal operations will be run by Dubai Ports" there are serious national security concerns at issue here. Two of the 9-11 hijackers were from UAE, 9-11 logistics planning took place on UAE soil and millions of Al Qaeda dollars were laundered through UAE banks. Some will argue that 80% of Los Angeles‘ ports are controlled by a foreign government (China); however, China wasn’t complicit in attacking us on American soil.

Foreign Policy and national security expert Frank Gaffney sums these concerns up in a National Review piece posted today.

Now for the… "A Democrat senator suggested we do what?" category…

According to, Senator Chuck Schumer actually suggested we turn port operations over to…wait….you’ll never guess……HALLIBURTON!! Yes, the same villainous Halliburton that Dems have relentlessly demonized Vice President Cheney for. Sen. Schumer better hold on to his seat, for fear the DNC may terminate his membership card for uttering such a suggestion in public.

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