February Is Also Feminist History Month

Feminist and February go hand-in-hand at the University of Kansas.
The February Sisters Association uses this month to honor the memory of radical feminists who brought the Women’s Studies Program to campus.

According to the, on Feb. 7, 1972, the February Sisters held one of the most effective women’s rights events at the University. Thirty women occupied the East Asian Studies building…and demanded the University offer free childcare, women’s health care, a women’s studies program, a female staff member on the financial aid committee, and basic equality for all women students. After 13 hours and numerous negotiations with the University, the group successfully achieved all its goals. "

Ailecia Ruscin, president of the February Sisters Association, tells the, "I think it’s important because it highlights achievements of the past of KU history. It’s important to raise attention to that history and how we continue to do feminist activism today."

That’s right, let’s honor those who held a school hostage in order achieve their goals.
The feminist group sponsors various events during the month of February to raise money for women’s organizations according to the article.

This year, the February Sisters Association organized a concert and a student production of "The Vagina Monologues" (of course). And the group has scheduled two speakers, Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz, a women liberation activist and Nomy Lamm, an activist against women’s "fat phobias."

"Ruscin said events like these are meant to show that those movements in the 1960s and 1970s that people see in movies happened in Lawrence and still continue today. She said all the money they raised goes to support these groups that are still out there fighting for women’s rights," reports the
I wonder if any money will be sent to Phyllis Schlafly. Then again, since so much  time is spent celebrating radical feminism, they probably don’t even know of Schlafly.