Boyfriend Trouble

The New York Daily News reports that Chelsea Clinton is quietly, almost secretly, dating a young investment banker named Marc Mezvinsky.

Chelsea may be keeping this relationship rather close to the vest because her last romance was well-documented and highly publicized, but it may also be because her mother isn’t very comfortable with her new boyfriend. More to the point, Marc’s father is former congressman Ed Mezvinsky, and he is currently serving a seven-year sentence for defrauding investors out of an estimated $10 million. Back before Ed was convicted on 31 counts in 2003, Hillary and Bill were pretty good friends with the Mezvinsky’s. But with the White House within her sights and her husband already hard enough to control, it’s understandable that Hillary would want to at least ensure that her daughter’s friends are reputable — or at least their families are.

Interestingly, one of Congressman Mezvinsky’s first tasks after his 1972 election was being named to the Judiciary Committee’s Nixon impeachment investigation. Also on the Judiciary Committee staff was 26-year old Hillary Rodham. It is not known whether the two first met during the Watergate investigation, but it is a little ironic that, decades later, Hillary’s husband was impeached and Mezvinsky — who wrote a book in 1977 about how he was appalled at President Nixon’s unethical behavior — ended up in jail. But even more interesting and ironic, according to the Daily News, is that Mezvinsky is scheduled for release in November 2008, or, "just in time for a possible Hillary inauguration."