President's Day Used to Promote Hill for 2008

As if they didn’t have enought fun attempting to ruin Valentine’s Day with their horrendous V-Day schemes to "empower" the genitals of women worldwide, a womens’ "interests group" is now seizing President’s Day to claim in Hillary Clinton’s name.

The American Women Presidents officially endorsed Sen. Clinton for President and launched two PACs, Madam President and The First Gentleman, for the hillady, er, holiday.

At Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa AWP head Mosemarie Boyd promised a 2008 victory. She said, "On January 20, 2009, Hillary Clinton will be sworn in as President of the United States, and former president Bill Clinton will become America’s First Gentleman. We need America’s greatest leaders back in The White House and, as you know, many people miss Bill."

AWP is operated on a gender-dictated mission, that excludes ideology. The group is also supporting Secretary of State Condolezza Rice as the Republican presidential candidate, although AWP points out she is more likely to be named VP because she has not run for elected office before.


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