Conservative Student Sounds-Off on College Dem Movie

A senior political science major at Wake Forest University is sick and tired of those who bash Wal-Mart.

Scott Hurff writes a piece titled "The Truth on Wal-Mart" in the Old Gold & Black after the College Democrats presented a documentary called "Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Price."

Hurff says:

"Unwitting and unfortunate shoppers at Wal-Mart fail to realize that their low-price haven wants to destroy its community, drive employees into poverty, force employees to take government aid and — oh, yeah, take over the world.

"The hilarious thing is that if you went to see Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Price, shown by the College Democrats on Feb. 9, you might actually believe that. And better yet, you might join the filmmaker in his quest to eliminate corporate evil from the earth.

"While this intellectual drivel is welcome on college campuses, the joke-umentary, nonetheless, is 95 minutes that does not deserve respect. If the script was printed on paper, I might just advocate throwing it into the recycling bin."

You can read more of Hurff’s view and his defense of Wal-Mart at the Old Gold & Black website.

But, here’s one last excerpt from his column:

"It’s easy, as a liberal attaining a college education, to sit and drink designer coffee and lament the state of the so-called working poor being "exploited" by Wal-Mart. That is a fine opinion to have, albeit one that is entirely uninformed and removed from reality."

It’s so nice to see a bright, young man who hasn’t been corrupted by liberal academia and who’s willing to stand-up for his beliefs.

Keep it up Scott!