He's Conservative

Likely Republican Senate challenger John Spencer appeared at the New York State Conservative Party’s annual conference on Monday, where he gave an impassioned speech urging his audience to support his candidacy. He blasted Hillary as someone who "puts politics first in our war on terror and our troops second" and who "aids and abets our enemies" with her criticism of the war in Iraq.  

Spencer took the occasion to unveil a video advertisement that is running on his campaign’s web site,  The ad condemns Sen. Clinton for her criticism of the President Bush’s warrantless domestic surveillance program. "I’m running for Senate because I won’t play politics with our security," says Spencer in the ad.

The website also encourages viewers to contribute to Spencer’s campaign because, as he told the Conservative Party leadership, "We’re going against the International Bank of Clinton."

Despite the fact that Hillary has $17 million on hand and a substantial lead in the polls, Spencer claimed it is "lunacy" to think Mrs. Clinton is unbeatable. "We must remove this woman," he told his Conservative audience. For his efforts, Spencer received the endorsement of the Conservative’s executive committee, which is important because no Republican has won statewide in New York without also running on the Conservative line since 1974.