Student Editors Suspended Over Cartoons

A student at Duke University gave me the heads-up on this story at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports two high-ranking editors of the student newspaper were suspended Tuesday after running controversial cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.

"Acton Gorton, the editor in chief, and Chuck Prochaska, the opinions editor, said Tuesday that they stand behind their decision to print the cartoons that have sparked controversy around the world.

"On Monday, the newspaper’s editorial board apologized to the Muslim community and its readers for Gorton and Prochaska’s actions. The board went on to say that while it did not necessarily disagree with the decision to run the cartoons, it disagreed with the process of how the cartoons made it into the paper.

"The suspended editors said they have been suspended with pay for two weeks, pending an investigation by a task force to be made up of senior members of the newspaper."

The Duke student who gave us this tip added in his e-mail, "I hope the University of Illinois begins mentioning in its handbook that it respects sharia law."

Let’s just hope the investigation finds fault with "procedural matters" rather than political correctness.