Harvard Paper Prints Controversial Cartoons

The Harvard Salient, a conservative student newspaper at Harvard University, prints four Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed according to an article in the Boston Globe.

The editors explained, "Publishing materials that criticize the ways Islam has been usurped worldwide for purposes of violence and oppression is a risky, but honest and necessary, business."
The Boston Globe goes on to say:

Muslim students and others were angered when copies of the paper arrived on campus Thursday, calling the decision to reprint the cartoons a show of disrespect to Muslims.

”What really bothers them are that these are schoolmates who are out to offend them," said Khalid M. Yasin, a junior and president of the Harvard Islamic Society. ”They’re people their age that are really attacking things that are very integral to their lives."

According to the article, the Harvard College Interfaith Council will host a forum to discuss the cartoons tomorrow night.

Let’s just hope the discussion focuses more on the violent Muslim reaction overseas to the Danish cartoons and less on chastising these brave students for practicing their first amendment rights.