Conservative Blogger Threatened for Posting Cartoons

Conservative columnist, author and blogger Michelle Malkin is under attack for posting on her popular website the 12 cartoons that sparked Islamic rage throughout Europe.

Malkin, a regular contributor to Human Events, has a post on her blog today detailing the nature of the attack:

"Last Tuesday, during or immediately after my appearance on Fox News Channel to discuss the Mohammed Cartoons, this blog was hit by a large, foreign-based denial of service attack. Last night, my hosting service notified me that it is receiving ongoing threats from individuals vowing to take down this site–and others along with it–which will presumably continue until I take down the cartoons. For now, we are on guard and continuing with business as usual."

Malkin reports that Muslims are also hacking into Danish websites to protest the posting of the cartoons and shares just a few of the hate-filled e-mails she’s received recently, one of which is posted below:

From: naser jianpour (
Date: Feb 10, 2006 12:04 PM
Subject: we will kill you

I am Iranian I am a mosleme .
We will kill you( every )
down with you( Crectian & jowe.)
world is mine.

It appears Human Events Online has escaped the wrath of Islam — for now. The online edition of the national conservative weekly was the first news organization in the country to publish all 12 of the controverial cartoons but has yet to experience repercussions for doing so.