Campaign Ad Exposes George Soros's 'Un-American' Agenda

Anti-Bush billionaire George Soros is slated for an attack from the right side over television in coming weeks.

The Free Enterprise Committee, dedicated to fighting for economic freedom, announced plans today to launch a campaign ad exposing the “un-America effort” being put forth by Soros and other liberals to “undermine and betray the pro-free market agenda in Washington and Texas through the use of personal, partisan potshots at free enterprise movement leaders and their allies in public office,” according to a press release.

Soros is famous for spending $25 million from his own pocket to oppose President Bush’s 2004 election campaign and more recently, for financially backing attacks made against former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R.-Texas) according to the press release.

George Soros uses his wealth to attack conservatives who support an agenda of lower taxes and less government every chance he can,” said Mallory Factor, chairman of the committee.

The ad will start running Thursday morning on local Houston broadcast and cable stations, including FOX and CNN.

Updated Feb. 17, 2006:

In response to the blog posted on HEO, Toby Chaudhuri, communications director for Campaign for America’s Future sent the following e-mail:

Regarding the pro-DeLay ad local TV stations are not airing:

“Once upon a time, conservatives stood for honest government. Now their chosen leader is the symbol of money corruption in Washington. Rep. DeLay is a liability to his party. He’s the poster boy of fiscal recklessness and public corruption. He’s the exact opposite of what conservatives say they stand for. Conservatives used to be interested in principles, but Rep. DeLay and his radical right-wing allies are only interested in power. It’ll take more than a false TV ad to persuade Houston area families that they’re not paying a price for Rep. DeLay’s corruption at the pharmacy and at the pump.” –Toby Chaudhuri

George Soros didn’t pay for the ads about Rep. DeLay’s Corruption.
The ads that link Rep. Delay to one of the worst congressional corruption scandals ever were paid for by thousands of people on the Internet. Rep.

DeLay should answer the charges against him instead of throwing dust in the eyes of his constituents.

Media outles with integrity know this ad is false.
KRIV-FOX has declined the ad. KHOU-CBS is reviewing the ad and not playing it. KTRK-ABC and KPRC-NBC is aware the ad has false claims. There is no proof the ad is playing on Houston area television stations because media outlets of integrity do not play false ads.