What Should Congress Make Its Top Priority in 2006?

By far the top priority Human Events readers would like Congress to focus on in 2006 is to build a border fence to cover the entire U.S.-Mexico border (25.9%). The two runners up are making President Bush’s tax cuts permanent (14%) and authorizing drilling in ANWR.

Write-ins made up 21% and the top write-in by a landslide was a request that Congress pass the Fair tax.

Earmarks: 2.8%
Ban all human cloning: 1.1%
Repeal Medicare Prescription Drug Plan: 0.7%
Stop President Bush’s amnesty/guest worker plan: 7.5%
Authorize oil drilling in ANWR: 9.0%
Renew the Patriot Act: 8.1%
Reform Social Security with private accounts: 2.6%
Cut federal government spending: 7.4%
Make President Bush’s tax cuts permanent, including abolition of the death tax: 14.0%
Build border fence to cover entire U.S.-Mexico border: 25.9%
Other (please specify): 21.0%